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      Armoured Cable

      The armored cable is a common cable with a protective layer between the jackets. It can withstand higher tension and is buried directly underground.

      Armoured Cable Classification

      Armored cables divided into steel wire armored cables. steel tape armored cable. aluminum or aluminum alloy wire armored cable.

      Steel wire armored cables are often abbreviated as SWA( Steel Wire Armour).

      Steel tape armored cables are often abbreviated as STA( Steel Tape Armor ).

      Aluminum or aluminum wire armored cables are often abbreviated as AWA( Aluminum Wire Armoring ).

      SWA Cable Structure

      The structure of the SWA cable is from the inside to the outside, the conductor (usually copper conductor or aluminum conductor), the insulation (XLPE or PVC) inner sheath (PVC) armor (wire or steel belt) outer sheath (PVC).

      Armoured Cable Required

      underground cabling

      train tracks

      outdoor building sites

      indoor and outdoor power stations

      high-risk workshops

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