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      Stainless Steel Metal Hose Advantages

      Apr. 19, 2019

      As an Amored Optical Fiber Cable Supplier, let's analyze the advantages of stainless steel metal hoses.

      1. Flexible between stainless steel metal hose pitches.

      2. Stainless steel metal hoses have good flexibility, no clogging and stiffness.

      3. Stainless steel metal hoses are light in weight and consistent in caliber.

      4. Stainless steel metal hose has softness, repeatability and flexibility.

      5. Stainless steel metal hose has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

      6. Stainless steel metal hose is resistant to rat bites and wear, preventing internal wires from being worn.

      7. Stainless steel metal hose is resistant to bending, tensile strength and lateral pressure resistance.

      8. Stainless steel metal hose is soft and smooth, easy to thread and install.

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