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      Six advantages of Flexible Metal Conduit for Gas

      Jun. 27, 2019

      As an Amored Optical Fiber Cable Manufacturer, let's share with you the advantages of Flexible Metal Conduit for gas.

      1. Good air tightness and minimal gas permeability;

      2. High strength, not easily crushed by heavy objects;

      3. Can prevent rat bites;

      Flexible Metal Conduit

      4. It can be bent freely, and the hose will not fold, collapse or block when bending.

      5. Cold, oil and chemical resistant, with a service life of more than 8 years;

      6. High-cost performance, low consumables, easy installation, energy saving, and environmental protection.

      According to statistics, 98% of indoor gas accidents are caused by aging of gas hoses, cracks, and rat bites. The improper maintenance of gas hoses in the kitchen has become a major hidden danger for users to use their gas safely. Therefore, for the safety of you and your family, the gas appliance connecting pipe must use Flexible Metal Conduit!